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I had the scariest dream ever last night. My dream started out normal(-ish). I got hired at the hospital working the front desk because there was a cute guy working there.. (I don't know why... i've had a boyfriend for the past three and a half years, but in my dreams I often am single). So the cute guy is showing me around and introducing me to my new coworkers, and then suddenly we hear a news story about a plane crash. Then, of course, my dream beams me to College and Joyce and I am suddenly on foot trying to get away from the accident scene. There are at least 50 cars that have been crumpled when the plane skidded across the top of them and are now almost completely flattened out. I look around for the aircraft, but all i find is a broken off wing. I decide to stop trying to look for it. Then suddenly this girl is running towards me in tears screaming about how her boyfriend might be in the wreckage. The freaky part is that this girl actually exists. She works at a local clothing boutique and I have seen her in my gym a couple of times. i remember a partially-smashed green van trying to flee the scene. I also remember partially mutilated people (missing limbs, large open gashes... etc... gory stuff) walking through the wreckage. There were dead people too. Bloody pulp and not much else. It was really disturbing.I woke up in a state of panic. I hope that's not a clue as to how my day is going to be...

So on that note, I'm going to switch gears and talk about a potential tagline for volunteer youth corps.

their website says;
Mission Statement: "To make a positive contribution to the development of children and youth through access to health, social and economic support necessary for improved quality of life" and "caring for humanity"

-love your neighbor...
-caring for the community
-compassion in the community
-embracing opportunity in the community** i like that one
-making a difference in Guyana
-improving the quality of life
-make a positive contribution
-the positive difference... 101.1KLRC lol
-providing the best support to our communiuty. and then the t-shirt could have a bra drawn on it across the chest. that would be great. especially for the guys.

friendship sharing loving growing opportunity
patience compassion patience

ok i'm done.
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