lisa (st4nl3y) wrote,

My boyfriend is gone for the week. For some reason I don't miss him. I guess it's just good for us that we're having some time apart.

This morning I did circut and turbo kick. She made us do this "squat walking" thing where you squat all the way down and look like a duck while you try to walk across the room. We were walking backwards and my knee like... blew out. It really hurt.

Today I had: The "Innate Power breakfast". lunchables. A stalk of broccoli with homemade lowfat ranch. lowfat cottage cheese. Okra chips. and tea.

Lots of smaller meals will make my metabolism speed up, right? I felt like I was going to faint earlier when i was working out because I basically skipped dinner last night. Crap. My tea is cold.
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you actually post on here still? That's nonsense. Do you even come on MSN anymore?
i deleted MSN.
i like how i didn't miss him. i also like how he went to hooter's and took pictures with the waitresses that night.